Can You Build a Startup in 24 Hours from Scratch? 40 Croats Says: Yes!

7. November 2013. Comment Written by Mia Biberović

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Startup-in-24If you think it’s impossible to run an entire project from scratch and finish it within 24 hours, a handful of enthusiasts from Croatian agency iSTUDIO decided to prove the opposite. Specifically, 40 of them will join forces this Saturday and try to launch a project that aims to revolutionize the search for the perfect job and the perfect employee, as part of the first project initiatives Startup in 24 hours.

As they say, they often hear stories about how someone has a great idea that could conquer the world, but in the same time, that person doesn’t have the time, resources or money to implement it. That is why they decided to put an end to excuses and run Startup in 24 hours, an initiative that encourages innovation and team spirit in companies. It is a platform that provides a framework for those who have an idea and that want to turn it into a useful product that will find its place in the market in a short time. At the same time, it provides a great sense of achievement. And all this in just 24 hours.

The project to find the ideal employee and employer

So this Saturday, November 9th, at noon , forty iSTUDIO’s employees will be divided into teams and get down to work in order to launch a project that will provide an opportunity for each person to choose a perfect employer, and every business to find a right person for its team. If there is a perfect match (if the company and the employee selected each other), both parties would be notified, and if there is no matching, no one will know, but the selected person or company will move up the list. The result will be a separation of individuals according to their skills on the basis of which it will be possible for them to provide better conditions and with the existing/new employer.

In one day the team will define all the essential things for the launch of the project – the name, visual identity, business model, marketing strategy, content, viral mechanisms, linking the API, the tools… As they say:

In this way, we will give an example of one Startup in 24 hours – in order to keep the focus on one product and at the same time to be innovative. The long-term goal is to provide support to all interested parties who wish to embark on a project – to give them guidance through materials planning, provide live coverage of the execution of the project through our website and, in the end , to give an evaluation of the project executed .

The project can be followed on the official site, where you can sign in and get the latest word on their progress. Of course, there is a Facebook page and a Twitter profile.

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Written by Mia Biberović

Mia is the Executive Editor at Netokracija, where she works from 2013. She is a Croatian professor who decided to become a journalist, starting in traditional media and moving to digital. Social media and digital marketing are her favorite topics, but she also writes about new technology and its impact to our everyday lives, local and global startups and their innovations.

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