StartLabs Is Growing: Slovenian CarLock Joins Serbia’s First Accelerator

16. January 2014. 5 comments Written by Marko Mudrinić

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StartLabs has just announced newest addition to it’s portfolio. Slovenian CarLock which specializes in vehicle monitoring, decided to join StartLabs’ three month program. Over that time the team will move to Belgrade where they will spend some quality time perfecting their product and business strategy, we were told by StartLabs’ founding member and partner, Nebojsa Lazic.

Although no information about the deal was disclosed, we were told that the accelerator is offering up to 50.000 dollars for 10 – 15% equity.

Matej Persolja, founder and CEO told us why they joined StartLabs:

After talking with Voja and Nebojsa we found that we share the same vision of bringing CarLock to the next level. We think that with StartLabs we can bring that vision to reality.

Monitor your vehicle via smartphone

CarLock already developed a complete solution which monitors your personal car using nothing but iOS or Android app and a special unit which has to be installed to the car. Using GPS data the sensors can position your car and notify you once it moves. Plug&Play version is also announced as it should hit the market sometimes in 2014.

Users can subscribe to two plans. Basic one costs 169 euros per year while the Premium one retails for 239 euros, complete with some other cool features like access to car alarm, low car battery alert and a 125 euro renewal plan on a yearly basis.

Slovenian startup was chosen as a 2013. Wayra finalist, having faced some tough CEE competition. If you want to find out more about the service, feel free to visit the official CarLock website.

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Written by Marko Mudrinić

Journalist, writer, blogger. Highly passionate about technology, startups and new media. Currently working for TechCrunch and Netokracija / Netocratic. Writing about early stage startups, e-­commerce and mobile trends in SEE.

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