Luka Abrus from Five Minutes: ShoutEm presents new e-commerce on OMGcommerce

22. March 2013. Comment Written by Marko Mudrinić

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Luka Abrus, CEO Five Minutes (Photo: Marina FIlipovic Marinshe)

Second day of the OMGcommerce has started, and the first one to take the stage was Luka Abrus, Five Minutes CEO. He talked about what ShoutEm is doing in the field of e-commerce, and he also presented some new creations.

In order to tell us more about them, he first introduced the audience with their product. ShoutEm is a self service mobile app platform which is working on do-it-yourself model. Company was founded in 2010. both in Zagreb and New York with 14 employees.

New ShoutEm e-commerce serves the purpose of creating your own mobile shop. The service is providing a premium, native experience which is heavily integrated with most of the social networks, and in the near future we can expect unification with Shopify, Magento, Bigcartel and Prestashop.

So, how do you do it?

First of all you have to have your Shopify site where you sell your stuff at the moment. You provide ShoutEm with the URL, and they will do the rest of the job. Details of the product are listed, and things like drop-down menus are neatly developed so that users get the best experience.

All of these features also work on an iPad. In a much enhanced experience, users can browse the idems and make their purchases much more easy. However, there are still some users who do not use Shopify, but Luka added that they can use their custom CMS, where its possible to add all the info about the product and end up with the same mobile app.

Smartphone version of the new platform will be available in the April of 2013. and it will include Shopify integration and a standalone CMS. Next Step is integration with Magento, BigCardel and Prestashop which is coming in a near future.

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