Launchub, New Bulgarian Startup Accelerator, Selects its First 9 Teams (30,000 Euro Each)

23. July 2012. 2 comments Written by Ivan Brezak Brkan

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Launchub, a new Bulgarian seed accelerator.

Bulgarian startup accelerator Launchub has announced the first batch of 9 teams to participate in its acceleration program that starts in autumn. The 9 teams, 2 of which come from Croatia, were chosen by a committee consisting of investment partners, entrepreneurs, bacnkers and  of course – Launchub’s team. Each of the 9 startups will get 30.000 EUR of seed capital.

The 9 teams are:

  • AZ 4Cast (Bulgaria), a business intelligence SaaS system;
  • Cinematic (Croatia), a mobile app that lets you see what movies are playing in the cinema as well as buy tickets – we reviewed it on Netokracija (in Croatian);
  • Coherent Labs (Bulgaria), an innovative user interface solution for games and the entertainment industry;
  • Deed (Bulgaria), an action-provoking platform for setting up and sharing challenges;
  • Habbits (Croatia), a to-do app for kids that mixes games with productivity – also reviewed and presented on Netokracija (in Croatian);
  • ID2Doc  (Bulgaria) – ID data automattion;
  • KBLE  (Bulgaria) – unique search engine technology;
  • UCHA.SE  (Based in Belgium, Bulgarian founder) – web platform for school-curriculum education videos;
  • Useful at Night (Bulgaria) – one-stop-shop to find the biggest party in town;

Launchub will invite the 9 teams to stay in the Bulgarian capital for 1 to 2 months to work on their business ideas and products with their mentors. Workshops and meetings, akin to other startup accelerator programs, are also planned to prepare the startups for Launchub’s Investor Day where they’ll be pitching in front of investors, including Launchub’s own team for a follow-on investment. The investors present there should be also some of the ones present in Launchub’s committee: Paul Bragiel of I/O Ventures, Kerry Rupp of Dreamit, Pascal Finnete of WebFWD and others.

Stevica Kuharski, founder of Habbits, told Netocratic how he ended up pitching in Sofia:

I’ve met Rumen Iliev, LAUNCHub’s portfolio manager at Balkan Venture Forum in Skopje in the April. During our talk, I’ve presented the Habbits to him finding very good reactions. After a panel at the BkVF, I’ve approached Angelos Manglis, a consultant from Greece and he told me we should apply for MOBIP in Thessaloniki that happens on 31.05. and 01.06. We did it and were selected to the final round. Rumen was also there and after he saw the progress of our project, suggested that we should apply for the LAUNCHub accelerator program. Meantime in Split, Croatia there was a Startup Live Split. Todor Breshkov, managing partner of LAUNCHub was present. We’ve managed to get a face-2-face meeting with him. After the private pitch he suggested that we apply for the program.

Congratulations to all the teams and good luck in developring your products!

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